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Latest News | 13 Mar 2019

How Pinterest Catalogue Shopping Ads Enable Explosive E-commerce Growth

Pinterest Catalogue Shopping Ads

Pinterest Catalogue Shopping Ads - Contrary to popular belief, Pinterest isn't just used for inspiration and idea generation for things like DIY projects and recipes.

According to a study by market research company, Growth from Knowledge (Gfk), 84 percent of Pinterest's weekly users use the app before deciding what product to buy next. 83 percent of these users make a purchase based on the pins they discovered from brands on Pinterest. In April 2018, Pinterest reported that 1.5 million businesses were on the network, with a 50 percent year-over-year increase in business advertisers.

What do these stats mean for Pinterest and digital marketing? Pinterest has a steadily growing user base, with many of those users possessing the intent to buy, which is what make Pinterest Catalogue Shopping Ads a unique and rare opportunity. An increasing number of businesses are using Pinterest to advertise their products. Pinterest is set to attract even more users and increase e-commerce sales with new features that will allow brands to sell their products directly on the platform in the form of Pinterest Catalogue Shopping Ads.


Brands can now upload their full catalogue to Pinterest. They can also turn their products into dynamic product pins. Businesses can achieve this by uploading images and organizing their feeds by product groups. This creates a new section dedicated to retailers, allowing users to view a brand's catalogue with just the click of a button. Users don't have to go searching for the brand's website or e-commerce sites like Amazon to find the product they're looking for and add it to their cart. They can do it right from Pinterest. Because they have to do less research and the product is right in front of them, they are more likely to buy from the brand.


From their product catalogues, brands can promote their product groups using Pinterest Catalogue Shopping Ads. With products being available on the platform, it will now be easier for brands to promote these products straight from their existing product feeds. This saves advertisers a lot of time, which can be dedicated to creating more ad campaigns, which translates to increased customer exposure and more sales.


For large categories like style, home, and beauty, Pinterest has added personalised shopping recommendations based on what users have been saving. From these ideas, users can either choose to add the pins to their board or go straight to check out on the brand's website. This feature improves the overall user experience of the platform because users don't have to manually search for what they're looking for. They can open up the app and their desired item could be right in front of them.


If users prefer to search for their desired product, they can do so and return great results. Because businesses are able to add more of their products on Pinterest, consumers have more items to choose from. This not only benefits the consumer but the brand as well. As more products are advertised, there will be more sales, generating more revenue for retailers. And more revenue means increased opportunities to further advertise products.

Pinterest's new features will undoubtedly increase brand exposure and reach. And consumers will be better able to navigate the new user interface with more options and a more personalised user experience. As a business, you can use Pinterest to leverage buyer intent and drive more sales to your company.

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By Mathew Slavica
13 Mar 2019

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