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Facebook | 15 Jul 2020

How Facebook Pay Shifts the Entire E-Commerce Market

Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay will enable smart businesses to leverage existing and new audiences. It will help any businesses drive both incremental sales and expand existing relationships.

With the launch of Facebook Pay a payment service on the Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, what should you expect?

First, let's start with what is Facebook Pay is?

Individuals, you and I can link our debit cards to the Facebook platform.

We can do this by in the settings section of Messenger, which enables anyone to make peer-to-peer payments.

What makes this so exciting when it comes to social commerce is that payments can be made from one user to another. Or from an individual to a business.

So if you are running Facebook Messenger ads to your specific audience, they can then use the Facebook Pay to make the transaction. This is without ever leaving the app.

A complete frictionless buying process.

Facebook Pay minimises transactional fees as much as possible. Subsequently, users can only input their debit card information. Akin to bank transactions and deposits, Facebook payments may take approximately three days to go through. So this is undoubtedly something also to consider.

But with 1.3 billion messenger users, and the expectation that this will grow to 2.4 billion in 2021. This is not something to take lightly.

Facebook is enabling retailers to access a new market through the mobile payment space. This provides enterprises with another path to sell their products to the vast number of users on the platform.

How does Facebook Pay translate to e-commerce businesses?

First, Facebook Pay provides a direct connection between your business and your potential customers. All 1.3 billion of them.

As a result, most customers will find the payment mode seamless relatively easy to use. As customers start to experience the ease with which they can make purchases, this will become more commonplace for everyone.

With Facebook advertising platform being second to none! As a business owner, you (we) have become more dependent on online marketing. If anything 2020 has shown us all, is that digital-enabled business are no longer optional! To access new markets and new consumers present a fantastic opportunity.

As a retailer, you can now offer your products to an expanded customer base. Transactions will be faster and more convenient than ever before. You are providing an ideal payment funnel for your consumers.

Thus, your marketing strategy can receive a boost from the wealth of new customer insights. As such, your e-commerce business can understand their purchase history as well as other data points. They are enabling you to increase your targeted marketing capabilities.

With this intelligence, you are better placed to optimise your online campaigns. It will provide you with the ability to target relevant messaging and offers to the right audience.

As a result, your business benefits from a hyper targetted approach. Thus assisting you in achieving higher bottom returns.

Payments are an essential facet for data analysis. Just like Alipay and WeChat Pay, Facebook Pay provides you with data relating to when a potential customer clicks. on a link or spends a specified amount of time searching an item on the market.

These insights assist in creating ads that are likely to yield higher transactions.


From Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, the opportunity for e-commerce retailers is staggering. Frictionless payments and customer experiences is something we are all starting to expect as the new normal.

You never want to be behind the curve when it comes to new market opportunities. With Facebook and Instagram Shops combining with Facebook Pay we now have a fully enabled social commerce experience.

They say build it and they will come. It is most certainly built.

Are you a marketer or brand who would like to advance brand growth and grow digitally through the use of social media? Contact us to learn more.

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By Mathew Slavica
15 Jul 2020

Founder Digital Stand. We are a Sydney social media agency working with enterprise clients and disruptive brands. We bring clarity to social media and help you become effective fast.

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