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Facebook | 08 Feb 2021

Facebook Global Trends in Leisure - 2021

Facebook Global Trends Leisure

In 2020 we had to find new ways to entertain, dress, and drive. With Museums closed across Brazil, they re-invented the shows, and how the artists shared there works globally, opening up a channel most had no understanding was there.

Below is a synopsis the trends that touched Germany, UK, and Brazil in 2020. Trends that no doubt we will see adopted globally as we continue into 2021.

Want to see the other global trends, or impacted industries after you have viewed the below infographic with its related data, and demographics you can click on any of the links below.


Can't visit a real museum? No problem in Brazil, with the rise of digital art, and artists. "In 2019 the first State Museum dedicated a section exclusively to digital art." A trend that will increase around the world.

United Kingdom

Have you seen a rise in tye-dye and homemade jewellery? If you live in the UK, you have. With less and less reason to dress up, even high fashion outlets have been publishing do-it-yourself Tye-Dye tutorials. Sustainable fashion might be here to stay.


The only problem with owning a bike store in Germany is that in 2020 you probably ran out of stock. In 2020 e-bikes, and bicycles saw a dramatic rise, as did social distancing. Germans moved to use their cars for a domestic holiday or to hit the drive-in in cinema.

Facebook Global Trends - Leisure

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By Mathew Slavica
08 Feb 2021

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