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Social Media Strategy | 22 Nov 2018

The Secret to Growing Your Brand with Facebook and Instagram

Brand Growth

Brand Growth - Advertising on Facebook used correctly by your brand removes your competition from the equation. The nature of the Facebook platform lends itself to audience building and reputation acceleration.

And yes it is the secret to brand growth. We are no longer in a world of a campaign to campaign cycle. We have clearly moved to always-on marketing. Where what we say we are, plus what we do, and how that is perceived by our clients or potential customers 24/7 is the new media cycle.

Used correctly advertising on Facebook provides an unparalleled opportunity for your brand. Not only to accelerate brand growth but to open new markets.

As you may know, there are now more than 1 billion people on Instagram each month and 2.41 billion on Facebook. Meaning that 1.5 in 7 people worldwide are connected every day.

In our collective history of media and communications, we have never been so connected. The world did just become a lot smaller.

But what does this have to do with advertising on Facebook? Before I explain this to you, let me give you an example of just three brands that understand the power of Facebook.

Uber, who happen to be completely disrupting the transportation market. Launching in 2009 their current market valuation is $72 billion.

Here is their Facebook page.

Then we have Xiaomi, who commenced in 2010 and has a current market valuation of $54 billion.

Here are just one of their Facebook pages. Yes, they have many.

Or Airbnb a little earlier to the party in 2008 with a current market valuation of $38 billion.

Here is their Facebook page.

Every one of these brands understands the leverage of digital and social connections in the new media age. They also understand how advertising on Facebook can scale their business in an unparalleled way.

You see when advertising on Facebook is linked to community building and a strong service or product. The potential for brand growth is unprecedented.

For the first time since marketing began you are building your community. Just like any relationship or community developed over time, a simple ad or promotion cannot dislodge the loyalty that has been built over time

You see advertising on Facebook only presents the opportunity to engage and build a relationship. The opportunity to nurture a community is the real secret. While you certainly can expect sales from generally advertising on Facebook, the power lies in the community, and this is how you will accelerate brand growth.

The real secret to advertising on Facebook is about building a community that advertises for you. Because when an individual member of the community says your brand is good, there is no form of advertising that is stronger.

And when a whole community supports and advertises your brand on your behalf, there is nothing more powerful and effective. This is how advertising on Facebook disrupts all other mediums and drives real brand growth.

We trust each other more than we trust advertising or celebrity endorsements. We know that for one of our friends to endorse a brand or product, they are not being paid to do this. We know their interests are genuine in wanting us to experience the same positive experience they had themselves.

We know we can trust the message, we know we can trust our community.

This is the secret to advertising on Facebook and brand growth.

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By Mathew Slavica
22 Nov 2018

Founder Digital Stand. We are a Sydney social media agency working with enterprise clients and disruptive brands. We bring clarity to social media and help you become effective fast.

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