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In 2020 We Have Helped Our Clients Achieve $17,000,000 m+ in New Trackable Revenue. The Majority of this Revenue Has Been Driven via Social Media Strategic Advertising.

Here it is, and it Works Every Time!

We Identify Your Target Market

A data-centric target market, based on engagement, conversions, and lifetime value. Enabling us to not only leverage your existing customers but identify hidden ones, and maximise lifetime customer relationships.

Social Media Advertising

Stop scrolling now! Yes, this is what you need your audience to do. You have 800 milliseconds to engage your audience (emotionally), and have them stop scrolling. Fail at this, and you will fail to grow.

Social Media ROI

It is not the platform that does not work, it is usually the ad, landing page, target audience, or friction. We live in a friction-free world, and so should your customers. $29 billion is lost every year in Australia through digital friction.

Are You Still Wondering if You Should Contact Us?

Let's Face it, You Are Either Someone Who Takes Action or Not?

Great results will never come from doing the same thing over and over, and yes over again. If you are here, you know you need to do something different. In any market, there are the rule-breakers, the dreamers and the makers. Even in 2020 opportunity is everywhere and we use data to help you find it. In most cases your customers have not gone anywhere they have just gone online. We know how to find them.

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Digital and Social Media Case Studies

10x lead generation, ROAS (return on ad spend) in double digits, and CTR's (click-through rates) and conversions that make average, well look average. We don't achieve this alone, it is a symbiotic relationship.

Marketing Agency

Forrester Social Media Advertising Asia Pacific

The Worlds Leading Marketing Consulting Company Chose Us to Launch their First-Ever Social Media Campaign World-Wide.

Media Agency

Konekt Group Social and PPC Advertising

From Zero to Generating Over Six Figures a Month. Our PPC and Social Media Advertising Fundamentally Changed Their Client Acquisition Model.

Social Media Consulting

RSL Centenary Social Media Strategy

When the RSL Celebrated 100 Years, They Chose Us to Build the Social Media and Digital Foundation for 100 More.

Every Month, Every Quarter, Every Year Matters.

We Do This Because We Love It. There is No Other Way to Win.

As marketers, business leaders and owners, we all want more leads and paid conversions. Making this happen with social media, PPC, landing pages, automated workflows is a science. It is something we love doing, and we are happy to share all of this knowledge with our clients.

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Bal Jones
Brent Claremont
Nick Dunn
Lisa Crawford Jones 1
Jo Conder
Konekt Employment

Hugh Fitzsimmons - Group Executive Konekt

Digital Stand have been brilliant in helping us to develop and implement our digital marketing strategy. We view Mat very much as a partner to our business. I would highly recommend Digital Stand as an expert in the digital marketing space.

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Katrina Curll, Asia Pacific Marketing Director @ Forrester Research

We have been working with Digital Stand for the last 24 months to integrate the latest social media advertising capabilities within our Asia Pacific campaigns. We have found their capability in delivering against our stated objectives to be exceptional. And would not hesitate in recommending their services.

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Yours and Owls

Balunn Jones - Partner Yours and Owls

Mat managed the digital advertising campaign for Yours and Owls festival which sold out in a matter of hours. Great person to work with, he knows his stuff.

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Farmer and the Owl

Jeb Taylor - Farmer and the Owl Label

Mat looked after our full digital marketing campaign for the Hockey Dad album release that achieved an ARIA Top 10, Triple J feature album and two sold-out national tours.

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Brent Claremont - Manager at HubSpot

As a Senior Channel Consultant at HubSpot i've on-boarded over 350+ agencies in APAC over the past 3 years, so I know how hard it is to establish yourself in such a tough industry. Digital Stand has done just that. I couldn't recommend Digital Stand more as they're one of the top tiered HubSpot agencies in APAC I've had the pleasure of working with.

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Nick Dunn CFO - Renewtrak

We have been working with Mat and the team for the last 6 months to formulate and execute our digital advertising strategy for our global SaaS business. To this point, we have completely pivoted our marketing approach and results have been instantaneous based on the team's expertise and knowledge of what really works and what doesn't. Happy to recommend Digital Stand highly.

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Naturally Good Summit

Lisa Crawford Jones - Naturally Good Summit

Mathew Slavica from Digital Stand delivered the key social media address at the inaugural Naturally Good Business Summit. Mathew's session was fast-paced and engaging, packed with case studies and actionable insights that had our audience rapidly scribbling notes until his last breath. A top-rating educational session from an experienced and credible player!

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Jo Conder - Product Manager Telcoinabox

I've been working with Mat from Digital Stand for the last 6 months. In this time, he's been an absolute star. We've had some incredibly tight time frames to deliver on, a bit of a re-introduction to digital marketing and marketing automation; and with each challenge, he's been supportive and provided some real expertise in what can be a very complex space. If you're looking for a digital marketing expert; Digital Stand is the way to go!

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The top 11 mistakes brands and marketers make on social media

How much is getting social media wrong costing you? In this guide you will find out how to avoid them.

Ds Ebook Icons 02

Our social media marketing playbook

In this guide you will discover the data you need to be successful, and the linkage between social and conversion.

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9 Social Media Trends in 2020!

Free 2020 social media trends! Be ahead of the market.

Free Social Media eBooks to help you

Do you want a 12 Month Social and Digital Content Plan? It is Here. Want to Know the Top 11 Social Media Mistakes Made? You Have It. Want a Social Media Guide, So You Don't Get Lost? We Have You Covered. The Cost, An E-Mail Address. Time to Put this Content Together = 1 Month. The time it Would Take You to Unsubscribe From Our EDM's = 1 Second :)

Give Me the Content Already!

It is Your Money and We Know That

Target Audience

We take the time to analyse where your potential customers are on the digital or social media platforms. Using the latest capabilities of Facebook Marketing, Instagram, Linkedin, or PPC ads to zero in on this audience with one goal. To grow your revenue.

Effective social media management means taking the time to fit every piece together whether or not we manage all the pieces. And ensuring a frictionless customer journey.

Building Brand Awareness

An effective marketing campaign, digital or social media strategy centres on closing sales and leads generated. It does not matter if we are using influencer marketing, search engine strategies, Facebook ads, Instagram marketing, LinkedIn, YouTube or PPC.

There are more people paying attention to social media in 2020 than any other year prior and as social media agency our job is making them pay attention to you.

01 Conversionrate

Digital Marketing

We use digital and social media marketing to grow the lifetime value of your customers. Your brand builds when your retention is high, and the funnel is being filled with new clients. For Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or PPC ads their single purpose is to grow your revenue.

For us engagement is nice, but revenue is better. We do not believe in vanity metrics, we believe in ROI. No-one ever lost their job because they made a business more money.

The Latest News On Digital and Social Media.

Before You Go, You Should Say Hello

If you made it this far without making an enquiry or signing up to our newsletter, we want to say thank you. From a consumer insight study by Microsoft, if we hold your attention for greater than 8 seconds, we are exceeding all the benchmarks. This is something we pride ourselves on. From the moment you see a social media ad, or digital ad (think PPC). You are making decisions, do I click, do I read more, do I convert and enquire? And at this point, all we have to say is you should. Because whatever level your business is at, you are not happy! How do we know? Because you are here :) Say hello, get a free proposal and find out if we can deliver what you are after.

All our agreements are 30-day terms, meaning at any point you can provide us with 30 days notice without penalty. For any new customers, we are more than happy to run a trial period with no notice to prove in our capability. The only thing that should tie you to any digital agency is performance.

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