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A sustainable competitive edge starts with a peerless social media marketing strategy. Our team of experts will analyse your data, advise you on what’s most important and provide a go-to-market strategy.

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Our strategic process and grounded approach positions you for success. Tell us your vision and we will get it done! See our 5 step process below.


Situational Analysis

  • Review all content currently available from existing resources
  • Identify all potential stakeholders, and supporters
  • Provide you with insights and data relating to your industry both locally and globally
  • Build and agree to a base of ideas and best in class examples
  • Identify friction points in your digital customer journey
  • Establish existing performance baseline

Listening and Engagement

  • Interview stakeholders and supporters
  • Research content and distribution examples that work in other industries across the world
  • Interview a sample group of customers and understand the story they tell themselves as to why they buy form us
  • Listen and review social media conversations across your industry. Looking at what is being discussed, what is important, and where you can add value
  • Audience identification
  • Document all findings

Social Channels and Architecture

  • Provide recommendations on social media channels for engagement
  • Create a channel strategy for each of the platforms
  • Develop a social media playbook: One for each channel that we decide to engage
  • Optimize all existing social media channels
  • Create an Editorial Calendar (frequency, days of the week, time’s of the day), that includes key dates nationally and worldwide
  • Link all appropriate channels for distribution and effectiveness
  • Create a social media and digital attribution model and performance measurement model

Content Creation and Distribution

  • Agree a list of tools, which make engagement, measurement and publishing effective
  • Agree on the most effective methods of reaching existing customers, while attracting new customers
  • Mapping and segmentation of audiences

Review Phase

  • Sign off on all documentation including social media policies, playbooks, editorial calendar
  • Agree the measurement of success, your goals, and objectives for the first 12 months, with monthly and quarterly milestones
Katrina Curll
Bal Jones
Brent Claremont
Nick Dunn
Lisa Crawford Jones 1
Jo Conder
Konekt Employment

Hugh Fitzsimmons - Group Executive Konekt

Digital Stand have been brilliant in helping us to develop and implement our digital marketing strategy. We view Mat very much as a partner to our business. I would highly recommend Digital Stand as an expert in the digital marketing space.

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Katrina Curll, Asia Pacific Marketing Director @ Forrester Research

We have been working with Digital Stand for the last 24 months to integrate the latest social media advertising capabilities within our Asia Pacific campaigns. We have found their capability in delivering against our stated objectives to be exceptional. And would not hesitate in recommending their services.

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Yours and Owls

Balunn Jones - Partner Yours and Owls

Mat managed the digital advertising campaign for Yours and Owls festival which sold out in a matter of hours. Great person to work with, he knows his stuff.

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Farmer and the Owl

Jeb Taylor - Farmer and the Owl Label

Mat looked after our full digital marketing campaign for the Hockey Dad album release that achieved an ARIA Top 10, Triple J feature album and two sold-out national tours.

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Brent Claremont - Manager at HubSpot

As a Senior Channel Consultant at HubSpot i've on-boarded over 350+ agencies in APAC over the past 3 years, so I know how hard it is to establish yourself in such a tough industry. Digital Stand has done just that. I couldn't recommend Digital Stand more as they're one of the top tiered HubSpot agencies in APAC I've had the pleasure of working with.

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Nick Dunn CFO - Renewtrak

We have been working with Mat and the team for the last 6 months to formulate and execute our digital advertising strategy for our global SaaS business. To this point, we have completely pivoted our marketing approach and results have been instantaneous based on the team's expertise and knowledge of what really works and what doesn't. Happy to recommend Digital Stand highly.

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Naturally Good Summit

Lisa Crawford Jones - Naturally Good Summit

Mathew Slavica from Digital Stand delivered the key social media address at the inaugural Naturally Good Business Summit. Mathew's session was fast-paced and engaging, packed with case studies and actionable insights that had our audience rapidly scribbling notes until his last breath. A top-rating educational session from an experienced and credible player!

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Jo Conder - Product Manager Telcoinabox

I've been working with Mat from Digital Stand for the last 6 months. In this time, he's been an absolute star. We've had some incredibly tight time frames to deliver on, a bit of a re-introduction to digital marketing and marketing automation; and with each challenge, he's been supportive and provided some real expertise in what can be a very complex space. If you're looking for a digital marketing expert; Digital Stand is the way to go!

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