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Instagram | 26 Nov 2018

How Advertising on Instagram Drives Brand Growth

Instagram Brand Growth

Advertising on Instagram.

Digital Stand was one of the first agencies in Australia to have access to advertising on Instagram.

Have you been waiting for the opportunity for advertising on Instagram? Well, let the games begin! As a pure-play social media agency, we are very excited about the potential of advertising on Instagram for our clients.

If you missed being an early advertiser on Facebook. Well do not miss the opportunity of advertising on Instagram at an early stage when the road is a lot clearer.

There is strong competition between Instagram and Snapchat at the moment, as to who is the fastest growing social media platform in the world.

Although in terms of pure numbers Instagram is well in front with 300 million monthly active users. Snapchat is currently sitting at 200 million monthly active users.

If you are chasing a younger demographic, then both social platforms should be on your radar. However, advertising on Instagram is soon to be in the reach of all brands worldwide.

At Digital Stand, we already are claiming our clients Instagram brand accounts on the Facebook advertising platform.

The percentage and demographics of online adults who currently use Instagram are worth any marketer or brand taking note of.

53% of all 18 - 29-year-olds use Instagram

25% of all 30 - 49-year-olds use Instagram

11% of all 50 - 64-year-olds use Instagram

6% of all people 65+ use Instagram

But what else makes this brand so special in terms of an advertising platform?

The content is all visual, and the user base is highly engaged. That is worth repeating, the user based is highly engaged.

The ad format options will be extensive, and we have already seen 3d ad, carousel, and choose your own car adventures.

The advertising platform that supports advertising on Instagram is Facebook. The most advanced social media advertising platform in the market (we would contest).

And if you move now, you get to take action while others are wondering if they should. Just like they did when the missed the early opportunity of Facebook advertising.

So let us look at some brands who have already had access to advertising on Instagram and what they achieved.

The first one is our very own Qantas, who achieved a “30pt lift in ad recall, and a 4pt lift in message association.”

Then there is Maybelline, who achieved a "16pt lift in brand awareness. A 3pt lift in message association, and a 2.4 uplift in Maybelline Brow sales."

There was also Mercedes Benz who achieved a "14pt lift in Ad Recall. 54% increase in Website visits from Instagram and Facebook branding Ads. And a 580% increase in Website Visits when Facebook and Instagram ads were combined."

Advertising on Instagram now stands at “more than 400 campaigns measured globally. Nielson Brand Effect, ad recall for Instagram is 2.8x higher than Nielson’s norms for online advertising.”

So why is Advertising on Instagram so powerful? You just might find the answer below.

Instagram is a wonderful way for your brand to connect emotionally with your audience, and even discover a new audience.

The most important aspect I would like you to take away from today's article is early advertising on Instagram is a rare opportunity. Should you or your media agency, have the opportunity for advertising on Instagram, do not miss it.

This audience is engaged, and for the first time in a long time you have their attention. Welcome to the possibilities of advertising on Instagram, they are currently endless.

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By Mathew Slavica
26 Nov 2018

Founder Digital Stand. We are a Sydney social media agency working with enterprise clients and disruptive brands. We bring clarity to social media and help you become effective fast.

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