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Instagram | 02 Jan 2019

IGTV - The Ultimate Guide for Brand Reach

IGTV Brand

We all know Instagram is one of the most useful social media tools in the digital universe. It's been a while, though, since they've done any tinkering to their basic formula. Back in June 2018, they decided to expand and create IGTV, otherwise known as Instagram TV.

I had yet to explore this new feature on our Digital Stand blog. Now I invite you to see what IGTV offers to brands like yours. It's a new example that proves longer-form video is making a comeback, potentially giving YouTube a run for its money.

A Long-Form Vertical Video App

Considering Instagram reaches over a billion users, IGTV was a smart move. This is also a major gift to brands like yours needing more video space to explain who you are.

IGTV lets you create vertical-shaped videos that can hold up to an hour of content. Of course, the vertical size makes it perfect for your audiences to play on their smartphones. Using this size is also more apt to hold people's attention as they watch.

As a new brand, you may need to take part in the latest marketing trend of storytelling to help audiences understand your mission. Video is the perfect medium for storytelling in numerous creative ways.

Instagram already provides numerous filters to make customisation very easy. They're offering the same through IGTV.

Who Has Access to the Longer-Form Videos?

At the moment, only larger or verified accounts have access to creating 60-min. IGTV videos. Those of you who haven't been verified at Instagram yet should move on this now because early adoption of this new video tool is a smart idea before it becomes overcrowded.

In the age where a billion people watch YouTube videos every day, there isn't a better time to delve into longer-form marketing or branding presentations. Even so, it's still worth considering shorter formats. All of this depends on the type of demographic you're attracting.

With the age of brand storytelling upon us, it's worth thinking a little differently if IGTV is on your marketing agenda. One noticeable idea companies already use with IGTV is the digital TV show concept.

Blurring the Lines Between Marketing Videos and a TV Series

Take a look at some current IGTV videos and you'll notice brands are creating recurring videos similar to weekly TV series you'd see on Netflix or television.

Many of these videos even create storylines and use characters to bring entertainment value while showcasing products.

Influencers are one of the categories utilising the series idea. In each instalment, they do something with the products they're promoting to show how they work in the real world to make life more enjoyable.

A good example here is a personal channel called Zooey in the City, featuring a young Japanese girl who tries different brands of sunglasses when travelling.

Others (like National Geographic) are showing complete TV shows. NG recently posted entire episodes of their "One Strange Rock" series on IGTV before it aired on TV.

Bringing Entertainment Value to Any Industry Topic

Clearly, IGTV is made only for brands with knowledge of how to entertain while still having a keen marketing sense. Those of you who have more industrial or scientific brands will have to find a way to take complex subjects and make them fun for new audiences.

The tools available through IGTV can make this possible, but it's worth keeping one thing in mind to attract viewers. Statistics show Instagram audiences prefer watching videos that are more down-to-earth than overly polished.

Think about keeping things real and present your brand in a very accessible way. Always study your audience carefully, though, before creating your videos on IGTV for insight on video approach and length.

Contact us at Digital Stand so we can help you grow your business using the latest trends and tools on social media.

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By Mathew Slavica
02 Jan 2019

Founder Digital Stand. We are a Sydney social media agency working with enterprise clients and disruptive brands. We bring clarity to social media and help you become effective fast.

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