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Google | 17 Aug 2020

How to Google Lead Form Ads are Finding New Customers

Google Lead Ads

Google leads the way with Google Lead forms.

Those who move first and fast always have the advantage! The new option of creating Google lead ads in search, and on YouTube is a game-changer.

Running successful online campaigns is critical to your growth in 2020. The offer must be right, the audience and the capabilities of the platform. The overarching principle making sure you have removed friction from the process.

This is where Google Lead Forms is an absolute game-changer should they work as devised. Google has been instrumental in rolling technological innovations that have transformed online advertising. But until recently you could never capture a lead, or sale unless they clicked through to your website.

And of course, your website needs to be optimized to capture the lead or sale. Given that the majority of websites only convert 2% of all traffic, it is fair to say most websites fail dismally in their attempts.

This is where Google lead forms are changing online advertising. Google's lead form capability means if you target correctly, the ad is compelling, you chance of success is high.

When a consumer or potential client see your offer they can simply and easily take action. They can fill in their details without ever leaving Google Search or YouTube. You can place these lead forms as extensions in search ads, or attach them to video ads on YouTube.

Google lead forms ad extension.

Think about this for a moment? You create the perfect ads, with compelling and actionable copy and are getting a click-through rate of 23.72%. But instead of relying on your website to convert the lead, the consumer, or client can provide their details in an ad extension call out. All without ever leaving Google.

Thus removing all friction and maximizing the performance of the campaign, all via google lead form extensions.

The advent of Google lead forms ad extension is part of the new face to digital and online advertising.

This lead generation approach has significantly improved conversion efforts for most organizations. When the user sees the extension text such as "contact us" or "free proposal" and clicks on this copy, it is easy for them to submit the form. They can provide their contact information without ever leaving the Google search environment.

This, in turn, makes it very easy for you to collect leads, and promote your product or service. Provided your call to action is compelling, and their need high is perfect connection.

YouTube ad campaigns

Not only can you ad lead form extensions to search ads, but you can also do it with YouTube. Previously converting from YouTube has been difficult, to say the least. With so many friction points impeding the likelihood of conversion.

Although a good video ad can be a conversion machine. With Google enabling lead capture for YouTube ads in your campaign settings, even an average video can generate leads. You are justifying not only the expenditure but creating a profitable asset.

This is because YouTube viewers can now easily access pop-up conversion forms on the screen and fill in their contact information. The process is real-time and most importantly, frictionless.

Discovery campaigns

Google Discovery campaigns are feeds appearing on the android app and Google's IOS. And the lead form option is also available here!
The environments under which discovery campaigns operate are fertile grounds for lead generation. Offering brands and advertisers alike a faster path to lead generation and revenue growth.

Google lead form ad extension

Lead generation is a critical element that is essential in generating more revenue for your business. From a services point of view, you can not convince anyone to do business with you if you can not engage them in a conversation. And if your website is only converting at 2% that is a lot of conversations you are missing out on, and potential revenue.

Customizing your ad campaigns to suit your target audience is one of the most effective ways of getting conversions. Reducing the single points of failure that you may have in a campaign. In turn, improving your chances of campaign success.

Google lead form ad extensions offer one of the best opportunities we ever have seen when it comes to Google advertising. Of course, this will favour the early adopters and first movers the most.

Redefine your marketing strategy

With the ability to convert leads right on the Google or YouTube platform you are well placed to maximize your returns and investment. Whilst Google has been late to the party in this respect, with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter having these offerings for some time. You could certainly argue that Google is the place to generate the highest volume of quality leads.

The psychology of Google user at least when it comes to search is you could argue is intent-based. With a view to purchase or make an enquiry.

Generate more revenue

You are no doubt already investing in lead generation for your business. Google lead forms provide you with the ability to maximize this investment. In 2020, you must be at the forefront of Digital and Social Media or you will be left behind.
Consumers are more informed than they have ever been, and as marketers, we must know more and be able to outthink and outplay our competition.

Since 2013 Digital Stand has been doing just this. Should you want to know about the growth effect we can have on your business, simply click the image below or contact us here.

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By Mathew Slavica
17 Aug 2020

Founder Digital Stand. We are a Sydney social media agency working with enterprise clients and disruptive brands. We bring clarity to social media and help you become effective fast.

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