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Facebook | 22 Oct 2019

How Facebook Stories Maximise Your Social Reach

Facebook Stories

With an estimated 2.4 billion active user base, it's no surprise that Facebook is being increasingly used by businesses as a source of lead generation, lifting brand awareness, and selling offers and products. With the larger amount of opportunity, however, comes an ever-increasing amount of competition for user attention. With the latest update to Facebook Stories, Facebook offers an opportunity for businesses to get ahead and gain an advantage on their competitors.

What Are Facebook Stories?

Facebook Stories are vertical, image-focused posts that last only 24 hours. Facebook users can create videos and images with effects, doodles, and text to share with their followers, much like Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories. Since many users regularly click through stories and due to their high visibility on the top of each News Feed in Stories row, this is a valuable tool business can utilise. This ease of access and top-of-the-page placement makes stories an important new avenue for increasing ad views.

How Can Stories Benefit Businesses?

Using Stories ads in conjunction with feed campaigns has been shown to increase brand lift by 21%, according to an internal analysis by Facebook. With this knowledge, businesses are beginning to increase their Stories content to connect with fans and potential new customers. Due to the impermanent nature of Stories, content shared via Stories is generally more casual in nature compared to traditional social media marketing. What’s the benefit of this? Less formal posts help break down the barriers between viewers and brands. Now with the additional Stories formatting options for businesses, Facebook Stories are now becoming a more streamlined, user-friendly content creation tool.

Stories Templates and Uses

Facebook has recently rolled out templates that allow businesses to create their own visually appealing stories in a variety of layouts and formats. Vertical ads (9:16) can be used across platforms for Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, and Messenger, all via the Facebook Ads Manager. Stories created can then be duplicated in a square format (1:1) for other uses such as the Facebook news feed and Instant Articles. Stories have several marketing benefits for businesses, including raising brand awareness, driving traffic, and finding new fans while keeping current fans engaged and in the loop.

Creating Stories Templates

Facebook provides detailed instructions on how to use the Stories templates in its Ads Help Center, with the caveat that these features are being released over time, and may not be available to everyone as of now. The basic steps will be similar to how advertisers created other types of ads in the past, wherein photos are uploaded and adjusted in the Ads Manager, but now there are the options of using pre-formatted templates named by their intended objectives including "Brand awareness" and "Lead generation." Once a template is chosen, images can be placed into scenes, text can be customised, and brand logos can be placed in various sectors of the screen. There are options for single-image and multi-image Stories ads with a variety of colour schemes and styles.

What We Can Expect in the Future

Facebook is constantly testing and refining the platform not only in terms of user experience but for the success and experience of its advertising clients as well. In the future, we can expect to see even more options and enhancements for business owners to enjoy, and greater optimisation on targeted audiences and ad formats.

Advertising platforms and technologies are growing at a rapid rate and it can be hard for businesses to keep up with the changes and advances. Working with a social media agency can be hugely beneficial to remain up-to-date with new trends and maximise business growth. Digital Stand can help you stay ahead of the curve. Contact Digital Stand today to learn more about what we can do to help you achieve your business growth goals.

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By Mathew Slavica
22 Oct 2019

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