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3 Ways to Measure a Creative Agency

Creative Agency

A creative agency is measured or should be measured by three key factors. Creative work is no longer subjective based on design or based on perception.

Creative agency performance is now intrinsically linked to the story the data tells us. And that story is happening in real-time.

Creative Agency Measurement Criteria.

There are three key measures we feel are the foundation of measuring creative performance on social networks.

1. Your Key Demographic

First and foremost a creative agency must understand your ideal demographic. Or the persona and personas most interested in their your product and or services.

The best creative content starts with empathy and understanding of a clients target market. Their needs, wants, desires, goals, and or pain points.

  1. Who are we targeting and why are we targeting them?
  2. What problem are we solving for them or how are we enabling them?
  3. What language do they use to communicate?
  4. What do they know about our brand or not know about us? Are they in the awareness, consideration, or decision stage?

Are we creating content for direct sales, or to build them into our funnel for later conversion?

With the data currently available on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the other social platforms. A creative agency can now deeply understand your demographic to a level that was previously impossible.

With these social media marketing insights, a creative agency can start to create content that it knows the consumer will likely respond to. In essence, it takes the guesswork out of the process. It does not replace the "creative" aspect of the content but rather informs it at a much deeper level.

2. Native Content

The creative content itself must be native to the platform and medium it is using. It must show an understanding of how these platforms work, to be considered as genuine and authentic.

The three answers it must seek to address for our identified persona, are:

  1. Extrinsic - Is the message believable?
  2. Intrinsic - Does it matter to them? Is it something they need, and or want?
  3. Philosophically - Is it part of their story of how they see themselves?

As you would expect a creative agency which addresses these areas significantly improves the chance of success for the content or advertising campaign.

3. What is Data Telling Us?

Last but not least is performance - What is the live data telling us about the content we have created and launched based on the above criteria? Is our target market responding to it? And which content is our persona responding to the most? What content are they sharing and what content are they engaging?

Social media platforms offer real-time data performance metrics. The creative agency content is no longer subjective on performance. The linkage is binary.

For a lot of creative agencies, this is an issue. Although for those who focus on the data as the single source of the truth, this is an advantage for them and their clients.

Social media advertising is unlike any form of advertising that has preceded us. Your consumer, the client, is already there and engaged. Measurement of effective "content," "marketing," and or "advertising" is now not only known but measurable in real-time.

You can, therefore, amplify winning positions quickly and retire performing assets. And should you still be using traditional advertising you can use the digital marketing data to inform these positions.

Today's creative agency is using data to win for their clients.

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By Mathew Slavica
08 Apr 2019

Founder Digital Stand. We are a Sydney social media agency working with enterprise clients and disruptive brands. We bring clarity to social media and help you become effective fast.

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