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Social Media Agency | 22 Nov 2018

Choosing a Social Media Agency Part 3

Influencer Marketing

Since 2014, I have been writing a yearly article on how to choose a social media agency. I never check prior posts before writing the next edition. Because every article should align with the last position, but also offer new considerations.

I do not check for two reasons.

1. If my agency or I am not consistent in our advice, then we lack the skills required to succeed in social media for our clients.

2. If we do not adjust, change and improve, just like social media is every single month, we will also not be able to serve clients appropriately.

This means that our advice will always change, along with the lines of what is possible. What is next? But at all times provide you with a consistent and deeper understanding of social media agencies capabilities.

For a social media agency, innovation and marketing are intrinsically linked.

If you are a CEO, Managing Director, CMO, or Marketing Director? Then understanding how to choose a social media agency correctly is a lot more critical to your long-term success than it ever has been.

The continued shift of the consumer away from mainstream media shows no signs of abating. And social media marketing is fundamentally different than this form of medi

Let’s explore some of the differences for a moment.


It is possible to measure your social media advertising all the way through to conversion.

A theoretical example may look like this.

Brand A. Spent $80,000 marketing a new home loan offer. They receive 340 applications converting 20 into actual home loans. Their margin was $400,000 per loan, over the life of the loan.

Brand B. Spent $25,000 on launching their new electricity company and received 150 applications. They built a custom audience of over 2000 potential new clients. Reducing their cost of customer acquisition by 25%.

Any social media agency you may consider should have a plan to optimise conversion. But also, measure the return on your efforts. They must use the below formula.

Revenue - Cost = Profit for every single business.

**Sure there are companies that will want to acquire clients at scale without making any margin. Although at some point, that lever will shift. Like, say Facebook.


Without question, they need to understand the shifting landscape of social media. And when options to innovate exist, they inform you quickly, so you may leverage these positions early.

As an example. Digital Stand was one of the first social media agencies in Australia granted access to Instagram advertising. But we were not the only one.

However within 24 hours of having access to this option, we were running ads for our clients and us. This offered our clients a significant competitive advantage.

Or when Facebook launched lead manager advertising. Within the first month, we were taking home loan applications for a customer.

We were also writing about this pending innovation months earlier.

Your social media agency not only needs to know what is coming but be able to assess lateral opportunities for you.


For a long time, I have stated the benefits of choosing a social media agency that is a pure-play agency. As in not an integrated agency, trying to be all things to all people.

The complexities within social media platforms are both wide and deep.

Your selection should be based on a social media agency having a deep understanding of how the platforms work and they are all different.

Not only are they different in execution, but they are also different in the return, and what you can expect.

Two example I use often to illustrate this point.

1. Loading video directly onto Facebook outperforms video loaded by onto Facebook via YouTube. Why? Because they are competitors.

2. Vertical video ad formats are on their way. If the youth market is your target demographic? Then platforms like Snapchat and Vertical Video advertising must factor into your marketing mix.


Your demographic or target personas. A social media agency needs to understand where your client is, and how to access them with relevant content.

Put another way marketing to where your market is.

This means in advance of any campaign execution.

They have created targeted personas, mapped them on the social channels, and set up tracking capabilities.

Both on your website and social advertising.

Your marketing campaigns offer cumulative benefits regarding audience building and identification.

A Strategy Road Map

Lastly your chosen social media agency should be able to discuss a strategy road with you. As social media continues to change at an accelerated pace, not only should they be educating you about these changes. They should also be advising on which ones matter.

Every change is not something you should execute against.

For example:

• Instagram the right play or is it Facebook?

• Should your staff be publishing on LinkedIn as a Brand or Medium?

• What about the Tik Tok, is that something you need to know about?

• Should you start posting on Snapchat or stop?

• What about conversational commerce?

The year that not only is social media now accepted as mainstream media.

It is the year that your ability to market effectively on these platforms is now critical to your long-term success.

It will not be long before Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest allows you to sell your products/services in the social stream.

The minute this is available in your country, your social media agency should have content ready to execute on your behalf.

A final thought to leave you with is that social media marketing implemented effectively is not a campaign. It is a journey.

You build your brand narrative, story, audience and conversions. As in the image chosen for this article, a one-off campaign looks good (the cupcake), but audience building through brand narrative will be good for you (the apple).

This is our how to choose a social media agency. If you have questions or want to know more, we would love to hear from you.

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By Mathew Slavica
22 Nov 2018

Founder Digital Stand. We are a Sydney social media agency working with enterprise clients and disruptive brands. We bring clarity to social media and help you become effective fast.

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